Season 13 Episode 19 of Grey's Anatomy, the character Maggie Pierce, after returning from mourning her mum, gave this speech during her first surgery back, when the baby's heart whom she was operating on stopped beating after she removed the tumor, after much panic from colleagues in and around the O.R, she said: I had … Continue reading Tumor


We need to focus less on the aesthetic and more on the inside. Internal beauty is the most rewarding attribute you could ever possess, that can never be taken away from you. And it does take as much work as working out and eating right. I didn't realise this until I saw just how compartmentalised … Continue reading


Hey guysssss. I've been very inconsistent, I know and I apologise. No excuse can suffice. But over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to let this blog be my means of expression. All kinds. Any kind.  RULES Don't contact me personally asking about any of my posts. I'm fine, I assure you. Don't automatically … Continue reading Unreel