The Mantilla

At the end of my spiritual retreat some days back, I bought this cream-colored mantilla I fancied. I thought of it as symbolizing my rejuvenation, my revitalization.

Today, as I was preparing to leave the house with plans to attend evening Mass at the end of the day, I stuffed the mantilla into my purse and zipped it up. Before heading out, I had to unzip the purse and as I attempted to, I saw the mantilla had gotten stuck in the zip and was difficult to detach. I got agitated and just yanked it out and it tore.

I saw this and was saddened. My new beginning has been torn, was there any point taking this mantilla? Was there any point going for Mass at all? Was there any point trying again??

I ignored these feelings, stuffed it in my purse again and left.

Flash forward after confession and Mass, I saw my mantilla in a different way:

So you see, in the morning when I saw this mantilla torn and not perfect anymore I likened it to myself already soiled and tattered. I thought what was the point? But after the Sacrament of Penance and The Holy Mass, this mantilla was gorgeous regardless. This mantilla was still able to serve its purpose though slightly different.

To everyone else, my mantilla would’ve been less than ideal; they must have seen better. But to me, the owner of this mantilla, I know what it’s been through, from the moment it came to me (read ‘be’), I knew it and I loved it. An ordinary tear couldn’t stop me from loving it any less and I trusted in its ability to perform regardless, to fulfill its task.

God sees beyond our flaws, our shortcomings and vividly sees our ability to do good.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Rom 8:28

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