My Apology

As cringey as this makes me, I think it’s time I thin my walls a likkle.
Last year, 2018, was not my year in any way. From January to December I suffered chronic depression and was only diagnosed in September.
I would rarely go to class just because having to interact was rather draining; and the times I went to class, I itched to leave and would leave immediately after getting my name signed on the attendance sheet.
I would eat like I was about to die. I would eat even when I was nauseatingly full. I would eat so it’ll drown out my tears. I would eat because somehow my tastebuds could trick my mind into believing all was right; and consequently, I gained a lot of weight.
I don’t know how many people really picked my behavior up but I’m unfortunately used to covering stuff up and making a joke out of whatever just so no one would suspect. At the time I felt like the only thing worse than what I was feeling would be if anyone found out how I felt so it was better to tuck it in (like my tummy fat into ma nu jinz🤣)
A week to final semester exams, I was at what I felt was my lowest. I couldn’t focus/study. I could barely even think. Life could not possibly get any worse.
Thanks to a friend of mine, I sought help and got some.
I’m writing this to apologize to all the people I was unduly rude to or expressed unnecessary anger towards. I think about all those times I was rude and impolite and I feel so horrible about it.
Also, I would like to use this opportunity to enlighten those that find the need to remark on a person’s weight. Please, you never know what the person is going through. Do not let it get to the point where the person has to yell at you. It is very rude and wrong to comment on a person’s weight especially if it is not a positive remark.
Lastly, to all those that feel like the storm never ends, dance in the rain for He that brought you into this world still loves you and will always cater for you in all circumstances.

I should sign it “Love and Light” but too damn clichè mehn…

God dey ✌🏾

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