Missin’ U

At random times,
I still remember the scent of the peach-scented body mist I used throughout js1
The scent comes with memories of you and me, and the other members of our clique.
Although our friendship had a rocky and quite dysfunctional start,
Steadily, I began to enjoy your company more
I began to look forward to our conversations
I began to open up to you
I began to love you

God knows how many stupid fights we had
But God knows just how much we made it up to each other in the end

Your steadfast faith and your patience
Your hearty laugh and your humor
Your sarcasm and the smile that usually came with it
All these things I miss more than I expected to

Recently, I dreamt of you,
And in this dream
I fought through hell and highwater
To have you back

But I just couldn’t
I just couldn’t

And it’s been killing me
these past few days

I know I’m supposed to have come to terms with the fact that you’re gone
But babe it’s been so hard recently.

Oge, I miss you.

You told me you loved me days before you passed
But my silly ass was too caught up in my silly to tell you I loved you too.
You had turned to my sister, fam.

I miss you, and I love you.
I know you rest with the stars
Shine some of your light on me,
Let me know everything will be ok.
Shine on me.

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