Lost n Found

As I began my journey to You
I was eager and excited
I longed to be perfect to You

I took careful steps along the way
And in taking those steps
I found a sparkly treasure
buried in the uneven road
I picked it up
And smiled
as I continued my journey

Not long after,
I found another
Oh, what luck had found me!

I took more steps
And found another
And another
And another

In child-like excitement,
I began picking them up joyfully
Oh how great this path of my journey is

But as I looked up ahead,
I wasn’t on the way to You again
I had strayed far away
And I had barely noticed.

Lost in my ways,
My treasures turning to coal
I sat stranded on the road,
Scared and miserable

Then I saw a light
Your Light
And it led me right back to You.

Oh Lord, how often I stray from You
But how yet, you welcome me
Back on my journey again.

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