July 19th.

There was a sensational feeling in the air, and everywhere was cool and calm; no tensions flying anywhere. Unfortunately that was cut short by the rather unpleasant sound of my alarm. Reluctantly about to view the time on my phone sitting on the windowsill beside my bed I realize I HAVEN’T COMPLETED MY ASSIGNMENT DUE BY 8AM THIS MORNING!!! In panic, I pick up my phone and view all the calls I missed at 12 midnight. Yes, I thought it too, who calls at such time? I’ve got weird friends.
I open my Microsoft word, sighting the time that reads 4:35am and start scribbling something onto it, funnily enough my brain was able to produce something close to decent lol.
Now at 6:45, I scramble out of my room and race downstairs mostly because I’m supposed to have attended 6:15am mass 🤦🏾‍♀️
My scarf on my shoulder, I take the hurried steps towards the second gate where I’d board an okada. I board the okada but forget the scarf on my shoulder 🤦🏾‍♀️ bye bye scarfie. I was vaguely disappointed and had a feeling of loss because I get attached to my property no matter how tacky.
I get to church and well they’re approximately 10mins away from closing. I sit in the corner downstairs and continue watching Jane the Virgin which has become my new guilty pleasure.
Eventually, I get my assignments printed and I’m seated in the classroom by 8:10 with less than 50 people in a class of roughly 497. Can’t help but feel I could have taken my time doing a lot of other things.
Fast forward to after my two classes, I’ll say I attended 1 and a half because half way through my second class I was in La la land. Who would have known sleeping for barely 5 hours would have such an effect.
Fast forward a little more, and I get to my room and crash. I hear a knock on the door while I’m in dreamtown and I’m less than pleased to answer it but I need my locker opened (the lock spoilt and the locker was left locked) the porter tells me to dress up when I invite her in and with anya ula I look down at what I’m wearing, look up again and just went ahead to throw on something. They come in, apparently there’s quite the chit chat but I’m really not even conscious although I’m sitting up. They break it open, I thank them and lock the door after them.. oh like two lovers anticipating their night of romance, I was more than ecstatic to lead them out and lock that door. Oh sweet Love was made I assure you.
Halfway through my sleep, I feel my phone vibrating and look at it hoping it was someone I could ignore. It wasn’t. I don’t remember that conversation.
I wake up some moments later with a serious pang of hunger and rush to the kitchen to make my Tuesday (and every other day) special: indomie.
It was the best indomie accompanied by 3 sources of protein I have ever had. I think this is mostly credited to the severe hunger I felt.

Fast forward, later that evening, returning from a meeting I got a text from a friend asking to hang. It was a cool friend so hell yeah. Needless to say, I had so much fun this night I’m high out of mind from excitement.
I went jogging at around 8:34 and my main motivation to actually jog was because of the group of girls on the path that were panting and suffocating from their personal trainer’s exercises. I just had to show that my head-to-toe neon green workout gear wasn’t all I had to offer.
PRESENT: I just did a set of 20 reps of sit-ups, 9 and a half burpees and 10 reps of arm exercise with a dumbbell. I’m supposed to do Atleast 3 sets but I’m typing this right now because I cannot come and kill myself and I don’t want to feel entirely irrelevant.

That was my day and I wish I have a lesson for you today.. I think it is: please do not sleep for 5 hours or less and expect to have a productive day. Learnt the hard way.

Anya Ula- sleepy eyes

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