AS E DEY HOT 🔥01/08/18

I woke up with a mouth half full of warm liquid, lying down on a twin-size bed squeezed amongst two girls that really spread their wings to fly. I snuggled out of the bed and let out the warm liquid. Don’t ask me what it was, and no I’m not pregnant 🤰.

Having a test later today yet an 8am class I didn’t care for, I reluctantly got ready for class and ordered an Uber right as I stepped out of the shower. As I was photocopying a material I needed, the Uber driver called to know if I was ready, half-dressed I exclaimed yes, in an unsure tone and hung up (was not as rude as it sounds). Needless to say he cancelled the trip but not before I hurriedly packed my load with a patch of cream making an appearance on my calves, my hands holding two photocopies of textbooks, my phone and wallet. Also with an untied shoe lace. I hop out the gate only to find the street empty.


I attempted to order another Uber but it showed 13 mins away and so I cancelled it and I was informed I’d be charged for that cancellation. Guess who took out her active card from the app? Yes.

I hurriedly walked down the road and boarded an okada to school, where I once again hurriedly walked to the cab place to board a cab to campus after which I hastily walked to class and more hastily when my friend told me I was going to be locked out of class😭
I walked extremely hurriedly and got let in 😁
I don’t remember what class was about but I enjoyed it.

Next class was immediately after, and I had already resolved to leave after I write my name in attendance but she was answering past questions and in my faculty, when a lecturer is answering examination questions you better be sure to pay attention because it is a rare thing. I stayed about 15 mins longer than I should and left to the library to prepare for the test I had.

No sooner did I land in the library, did Morpheus slip me into his arms. Four times.
I woke up and found my best friend seated in front of me… unbeknownst to each other😂
After sometime we left to get cupcakes and I got Amala too. It was a good afternoon. I returned to the library and studied for a bit before I left for my appointment at medical centre for an x ray. The appointment was by 2, and I got there by about 5 minutes past 2. guess when we began? 😊 past 3. Solid hour with no one telling us why we weren’t being answered. Men and women of the department walking past us like irrelevancies.

I got my x-ray done and left to change my black and black outfit to white and black so I don’t stand a chance of not being allowed to sit for the test.

I sat down in the class, ready to get it over with. The test questions placed on my table, I flip it over and …. honestly I remained calm cause I was a little out of it then but the gasps and hisses from my classmates reflected my own emotions too. I sat staring at my paper for about 10 mins before writing my matric number 😂😂😭😭

If there’s something about me my course mates should note, it is that even when I am blank I write like I read the whole textbook. What echoes in my mind while I do that is “wo I can’t kill myself.” And “it’s not like they go through it thoroughly anyway” then I say a little prayer and submit my half baked yet brown pastry-answer script full of half of nothing 😂 I get B’s and C’s in courses I knew nothing of because of that. It works.

Anyway, I write and I write and I notice the girl beside me stretching her neck towards my paper and it feels strange cause it’s been a while I’ve been dubbed, I don’t even want to think why but anyway, I reposition my paper and keep writing and underlining. Dotting my eyes and crossing my tees (I know the correct thing, thank you Einstein)

I get out of the classroom.

Fast forward and I’m eating sausage bread and meat pie and all is right with the world.

Im happy I just dedicated to write about my day and completed it. God bless.

I’m really tired and sleepy so I might have to edit this tomorrow but I’ll post it now because AS E DEY HOT 🔥

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