From Time Immemorial

From time immemorial,

She searched for love

The kind of love

Her heart required

To come to life

Then she met him

And watched in amazement

How the love he gave

Filled up that hollow space

In her heart

And couldn’t imagine life

without that filling

She held on to him

Through raging storms

He summoned.

Through sharp blades

he threw.

Through rainy days

He caused.

She stayed

because that feeling

made her


But one day,

As she sat and adorned herself

She found the love

she had so been searching for

And This love came from within

Waltzing through the positive words

She spoke to herself

Through the trust and hope she placed in herself

So as she danced around

With her newly found love

She realized the stripes on her palms

Perfectly matched each other

And for good reason

She discovered,

the love

she’d been searching for

was within her

from time immemorial

Art by Cami Dobrin

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