Self Love

I watched Penelope today (movie).
All she had to do was love herself for the curse to be broken. Literally all she had to do and it took her 25 years to do that. Throughout her 25 years, the love she had for herself was conditional. When her pig nose was gone then she’d love herself, she thought, and unfortunately, that’s the same thing now, today. We don’t even love ourselves unconditionally yet, funny enough we expect that from others. Oftentimes we say “when I’ve got …. I’ll be happy.” When I’m this I’ll feel good about myself but the problem is infact not what we’re trying to change but our mindset to it. The curse is our mind and to break it we’ve got to love ourselves despite all odds.

Can we break the curse?
Are we willing to break the curse, love ourselves regardless?
It’s a journey, a beautiful journey and not a one day thing.
It’s a commitment of telling yourself everyday “I love you regardless”
Can we do that?

Because the journey starts now.

We are perfectly beautiful because God created us. Leave society out of it and cleanse your mind of whatever wacked out notion of beauty that is set because it’s crap. Outright crap. We are all individually uniquely absolutely beautiful but the real beauty is infact not on the outside but in our heart, the brightness of our soul: that’s our beauty.

3 thoughts on “Self Love

  1. But self love is so difficult, especially for guys,mostly cuz the society controls our mindset..n we are supposed to be the tough ones.
    So consequentially, guys tell themselves they are not the emotional type,and therefore they can’t even find it in them to live themselves… and maybe that’s why men commit more crimes.
    The society makes self love very difficult.. And that’s what everybody be able to derive joy from within, without any dependency on anything or anyone
    I just wrote my own piece too as a comment😅
    Amazing write up👏🏾👏🏾

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