I Lost My Virginity 

Hahaha, firstly, its secondary virginity and secondly it’s about my hair😂

I relaxed my hair yesterday. On impulse. I decided just the night before because it was economical to the hair I wanted to make. That’s the reason I give half the people that ask. I tell the other half I got tired of the hassle of the nachi  hair life. But the truth is that I wanted to see a change, I needed to see a change. 

Tumors grow back, and mine grew back a couple of times and I need this time to be different, so I did something different, I became physically different, and I’m happy. Despite the fact my scalp almost caught fire  (tender scalp + relaxer= disaster) 😭😭 I’m loving the new change. I’m thinking of dyeing my hair next. But that’s when I hit another milestone. 

Yesterday, I’d like to say God played a little game of tag-team on me. I woke up on the wrongest side of the bed, I was still in time to go for morning mass but mehn was I absolutely pissed off. I stayed in bed, plugged in my earplugs and began planning my day with a wrinkled forehead  (angry look). Planned it out and it was good and carried on. The first part of my day went nothing as I planned and so I didn’t intend on carrying out the last part which involved all spiritual activities 😂😭 Then my friend, Lady K advised I just go for spiritual direction atleast. The heat  wasn’t helping my cognitive processes so I resolved to reduce cognitive activity and just went ahead and did it without thinking too much. During spiritual direction, Fr. F suggested I pray the rosary on my way to the bus to go attend Mass😭😭😭😭 I told him he was draining me. I didn’t want to do anything but go home, and here he was suggesting I do two things within the next hour. 

“Relationship with God should not be based on feelings.” He said, so I shoved my feelings to the side and said the rosary and went for Mass and I felt as happy as happy can be. 

Side Note: To love God is an obligation, and also a privilege. As creatures of His, that’s what our existence should be all about but it is only by His Grace we can love Him the way He should be loved. It’s an obligation and a privilege. 

God bless you.

Btw, did you figure the tag team part? Through my friend, Lady K he got me to go for spiritual direction and through Fr. F he got me to say the rosary and go for Mass. I Love My Father In Heaven. Have you ever seen one that helps you to Love Him which in turn helps you get saved? Now, I Have😭❤

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