Season 13 Episode 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, the character Maggie Pierce, after returning from mourning her mum, gave this speech during her first surgery back, when the baby’s heart whom she was operating on stopped beating after she removed the tumor, after much panic from colleagues in and around the O.R, she said:

I had to let go of my tumor. I had become so comfortable with it there, I didn’t want to acknowledge the damage it was doing to me and so I prayed and prayed many times that I wouldn’t have to let it go, I prayed that somehow it’ll become a healthy part of me, part of my heart, but as I prayed it hurt deeper and deeper. Every time I decided to read the Bible I would always stumble upon a passage that talks about cutting off the part of you that causes you to sin, and it would always sadden my heart because I knew exactly what God was asking me to do, oh but this tumor was the pleasure to my pain, the breeze in my rain. It didn’t take away my bad times but sure made it better. I thought of how Abraham could do it and his son was not a tumor but an actual, healthy part of him, yet he was willing to sacrifice his son, then I thought to myself, “so why can I not do this when it’s clearly not good for me?” I said to myself, “good people lose their actual soulmates and they survive talk less of one that wasn’t made for my good” preaching all these things to myself but yet I still melted at its sight.

On a Saturday Night, I got rid of my tumor and my heart stopped beating from that moment till the afternoon of the day after.My heart’s beating now, in a melody I can’t quite recognise because it’s been a while this type of happiness has been mine, and has been felt in my heart. My Heart’s Beating Again.

I just wanted to let you know😊

May you be brave enough to let go of your tumor, whatever it may be. Your heart will beat again❤

God bless you.

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