He slammed the door

And then my heart sunk
Staring into his love-drained eyes
I felt for the wall
To envelope me
To hide me
To protect me

He made his way towards me
With a sheepish smile
And almost then
The tears dropped from my eyes
One after another
After another

My legs could no longer hold me
My body temperature seemed to be decreasing
And there was no air around me
I begged and I pleaded
Still too ashamed to scream

He grabbed a hold of my arms
And firmed his grip on them
Suddenly, my mouth was awakened
And let out a yelp

But a blunt force struck against my cheek
Finding myself on the floor
And the ceiling fan above me dancing
from one corner of the room to another
I tried to let out another help
But he pressed his hand upon my mouth
And dissolved my cry for help
Into his palm
On top of me, he lay
One thrust after another

I think out different ways to kill him;
With a knife
With a gun
Or simply with the thought
That I might be his daughter

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