Comfort Zone

It’s been a while so let me break the silence with this:

I made chicken curry sauce today! 

Sings ‘too much juice too much sauce’

Anyway, it’s a funny story what brought about me thinking about making that which i haven’t made before. So basically, the food prepared for the day wasn’t that I was so much attracted to, so what did ya independent self-sufficient gurl do? She decided to make something she liked, but here’s the plot twist: all the blended tomato had been used 😭 and all I had in mind to make for myself involved tomatoes so I sat down in the kitchen and thought of concoctions to mix together. Eventually curry came to mind and next thing I found myself Google searching curry sauces, opened only one, scrolled through the ingredients and found I had most already and carried on😊😊😊. I made it all by myself. From scratch and it actually ended up being really tasty despite the fact that I freestyled the quantity of some ingredients (I followed my spirit, lol). Anyway, I ended  up being uber proud of myself and feeling fulfilled and purposeful. 
Moral of the story: Not only necessity is the mother of invention  (didn’t really invent anything but you understand) but the fact that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone of jollof rice or tomato stew and jumped right ahead for some intercontinental (if you may😜) dish and I ended up happy, fulfilled and ecstatic. 


My reward for getting out of my comfort zoneπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜

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