So you see, of late I critically observed ‘hero-themed’ movies and noticed they all had certain patterns in common which were:

  1. Humble beginning (batman – orphan, superman- ‘banished’, iron-man- his dad never had time for him, spider man- orphaned + beloved uncle died) get my drift?
  2. Road to self-discovery/usage of powers under a guise
  3. Acceptance and approval by mass
  4. Turbulence
  5. (supposed) Downfall
  6. The Big ComeBack.

the avengersthe avengers 2

Now for all my Christian Peoples, these seem all too familiar, you know? Lol. You see, the ‘original precedent’ (shalla my law peoples) of this case is found in the case of Jesus v The World remember? Let’s see:

  1. Humble Beginnings: Born in a manger  Luke 2:7


  1. Road to Self-discovery/usage of powers under a guise: Not really a self-discovery person, He kinda already knew He was God, you know.. Bad like that. Hence, His twelve-year-old self teaching elders of the Temple Luke 2:46. The first of the many usage of His Power at the Wedding at Cana John 2:7. Wasn’t a guise kinda person either. Didn’t have a double personality.

wedding at Cana      child Jesus

  1. Acceptance and Approval by Mass: People loved Him, especially those He healed; the leper in Galilee Matthew 8:1-4, Dead Son of the Widow of Nain Luke 7:11-16, Lazarus at Bethany near Jerusalem John 11:39 They followed Him across mountains Matthew 5-7 just to listen to His sermons! Not to see Him work some magic (although some went to be healed/ have eternal life) but their purpose was not for the fascination of their bodily senses but their spiritual awakening and realisation. Unlocking the magic in themselves, as I’d like to say. Listening to Him wasn’t only for His edification but for the edification of His Father in Heaven, who through Him became our Father too.



  1. Turbulence: John 8:59 jealousy and ignorance came knocking, and swoop.

 Abraham or the devil


  1. (Supposed) Downfall: We can all guess this one…. The Passion of Christ. Luke 23:26- to where your eyes can no longer produce tears

we need no pictures for the preservation of the light mood.


  1. But wait… there’s more! The Big ComeBack!!! Y’all even in the movies, they’ve never come close to beating Jesus’ comeback like N-E-V-E-R. Lol.


My point about all of this is we adore the imitation so much and fail to realise there is a real deal; Jesus. He is the greatest superhero of all time. He that has a name in every language, I AM THAT I AM, OLOWOGBOGBORO, IMMANUEL, EL-SHADDAI, CHINEKE, YAHWEH etc. He that was, that is and will ever be. He that never tires, never slumbers, He that never forsakes. He is real!!!! A real life superhero, guys! How cool is that! Unlimited access to Him at anytime of day, just call His name, literally! Haha. I watch some heroic movies and I think, “I wish this hero was real, I’d feel so safe” But He is! A greater one, actually. We are in secure hands with Him and do you know all we have to do in return? LOVE. That’s right. This sounds like a Black Friday Deal, yeah? I know. Too good to be true *tears, but it is true. All we have to do is Love Him, Unconditionally, and “Everything Will Work Together Unto Good For Those Who Love Him” Romans 8:28


star wars

like he needs

Oh and ‘lest I forget, He wrote us a book too! To live by till He comes again. Isn’t He the sweetest? The words in red are citations from His best-seller :).




6 thoughts on “SUPERHERO

  1. Love your articles. Creativity is in you Mon cherie. I believe you are going to be a renowned writer, The world will know someday Mon cherie. Keep doing what you love. God bless


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