Up-Close & Personal (Dedicated to my Day One) 

There’s a lot I have to say. But where do I start from? 

The title makes me think of an ex-Friend of mine. Well, I’m really still her friend, even though she may not be mine.

 So J, if you ever read this know that I’ve composed a million and one essays to send to you telling you how much I miss you and appreciate you, still.

 How much of a hypocrite I was and possibly still am, but I’m making changes.

At random times, I remember just how you defended me against ‘the wolf’ and how many times you’ve done mad loyal stuff for me. J/mama, thank you. 

Want to use this medium, while I’m at it, to tell you just how special you are. You cannot be forgotten. 

Sometimes I still wish I had said/ done something differently that day 

Or if the clouds hadn’t thought to cry just for an extra hour,

Maybe I wouldn’t be writing this,

And maybe our Love Story wouldn’t have ended. 

But I realise sometimes people, even those you love, got to go. Sometimes it’s better that way but I wish we had drifted some other way. 

I’ll always be here for you.

 Forever and Always x.

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