I looked into her eyes and I saw forgiveness

She wasn’t faking it or imitating it;
She was practising it.

I looked into her eyes
And I didn’t see that hurt
Lurking in the corner;

I didn’t see the anger
That had been caged in her mind
Waiting to be set free by any little action or misaction of mine.

I didn’t see the rage
That had been waiting to be enflamed
By the sound of my voice,
The shape of my smile
Or the echo of my laughter.

I saw forgiveness.

She had completely, absolutely forgiven me.

 We sat at the dinner table,
Laughing and conversing with friends when
She looked over her shoulder,
And squandered her beautiful smile on the façade I had put up
And it melted away
And I saw myself anew.
Unchained and refreshed

So I held her chin up to mine
And whispered, “thank you”
Because she had released me
Released me back into her undying love.

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