Just Let

How about we change it up a little bit?


In music videos

On movie screens

In advertisements.

Show the girl’s unattractive side

Show the little bulge in her stomach she sucks in

Show her scanty eyebrows and her flat nose

Show the bags under her eyes and the insecurities in them

Then, colour her personality

Let people know there’s more to her

Than her appearance

Let her speak her mind

Let her tell her jokes,

Let her mistake a word for another,

Let her mispronounce them

Let her be her,

And let’s see what the world has to offer.

Her in entirety


In music videos,

On movie screens,

In advertisements.

Show HIM.

Show his unattractive side.

Show the bulge in his stomach, the one he so desperately tries to get rid of.

Show his balding head, and his skinned chin.

Show his caramel coloured skin drawn upon his lips, not pink.

Show him moving down a road, with his legs and not a car.

Show him holding a door out for his female counterpart

And his neck keeping still when she passes.

Let him watch romcom’s and sniffle his nose

Let him be angry without turning violent

Let him cry on a shoulder when he feels so

Let him be a man in the way he deems so.

Let him be Him.

Because he already is a man

Without meeting your criteria.

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