“Do you know what hurts?”

Glaring down at the water,

She raised her head

Showcasing her eyes’ reddened beauty

She continued, 
“Your screams bouncing off walls that once heard your laughter.

Your fingers scratching arms that once embraced you.

Your eyes, 

Finding sheer evil

In eyes that were once home to Grace.

Your tears,

Falling on a mattress

That once peacefully cradled you.

Your mind,

Crying to a ceiling

That once inspired your creativity.

Your bestfriend, 

Staring into your eyes

With the words,

‘You asked for it.’

Falling from his lips.

As he walks out

Into the night.

And as he leaves,

So does your will to live and your hope”
Standing at the edge of the bridge, 

Tears trickling down,

With baffled eyes,

She turns her head

As she hears the words,

“You’re Not Alone” 

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