Never-Changing Love

“God’s never changing love” those words lingered in my head for a long time after I heard it. It danced around my senses seeking interior meaning. “God’s never changing Love” how can a love be never changing? Like literally, NEVER CHANGING. Even when I act up? Even when I reject Him? Even when I scorn Him? Even if i perish in Hell? Hol’ up. What? God still loves those that have been eternally damned? What pain! That’s why His only Son offered Himself. His father was not happy and He needed to do something about it, so He suffered once and for all, for all of us. As life was being drawn out of him between his 6th and 7th words of the cross, He must have muttered to His Father, “This is the last time you will be in pain” as He gave up His spirit, the Spirit that burst forth to shatter all Satan’s hold on the world.
God, Our Father, loves us so much He feels the pain we do. He is Our Father !! He created us in His own likeness and image!
God Loves Us. Loves me. Loves You. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve done, does NOT matter. He still loves you and will always love you.

That Father of yours that never seems to be in a good mood, God sees. God knows. God provides the Love lacked and more!
That mother of yours that never seems to appreciate your efforts, God sees. God knows. He appreciates more than anything!!
Whatever crack or hole, let Him fill it, let Him make it brand new.

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