The Unfolding…

You still feel his hands on you

And if you hold that thought long enough,

You perceive the diesel oozing from his body

And hear his whispers into your ears

Repeating the words “I love you”

You try to let it go,

You peel it off your skin,

And pray it fades.

But like Fungi, if you don’t get it all

It grows in an even more bizarre way

And now you’re flooded with guilt and dirt.

But I want you to know,


His groin got a hold of his senses,

Not your fault

His passion overrode his manners.

It’s not your fault

 He desired a pretty girl like you.

A little girl that once smiled and meant it.

Desired an innocent girl that once loved genuinely.

It is not your fault

he is more of an animal than a human.

It really isn’t.

So bring back that little girl that smiled widely,

Bring back that innocent girl that loved sweetly.

She deserves to see the world.


Words I spoke to myself during my walk to church on Sunday the 5th.

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