Squashed Mosquito 

As I was lifting the bucket off the bathtub to let water pass through the drain it sat on,
I noticed a mosquito flying around the faucet

With the eagerness of a hunter,
I set my hands book-width apart and quietly made my way towards it
As it began to take flight after its brief rest,
I clapped my hands in hope
And opened them to reveal the minute blood stain in the middle of my palm.
As I did this, I thought of all the children in the world
Who die from the illness this insect causes
And I felt a sense of pride
As though by killing that one mosquito I have saved a child from dying from malaria
So as I strode away from the bathroom that moment
I had silently wished it were that easy to save a life
To simply clasp your hands and bid it away
If only it were that simple

But maybe it is
But maybe all you need to do to save a life is simple
Maybe all you have to do is smile
Maybe all you have to do is say ‘hello’
Maybe all you have to do is love.
Maybe it is that simple. 


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