Mr. Night Time

My whole life I’ve feared you
Been afraid of you
Been afraid to be with you.

But here you are,
Me & you now.
And I see the stars in your eyes,
The twinkle in your smile,
The passion in your breath.

So meek and silent,
So soft and sweet.
You whisper in my ears
in winds of joy

 that I have come to be with you.

You sing to me

 and dance with me.

You listen to me.

They often confuse you with darkness;
With danger, with dread.
Because evil men take advantage of your unique beauty,
To be wicked to others,
And thus, to their own souls.

You watch my tears,
And bathe me with your comfort.
You draw me near,
And whisper words of hope
in the howling of the trees &
the croaking of the frogs.

I love you,
Because you bring me a peace I can’t find in the Sunlight
And love me a love,
That doesn’t need the Sun’s ray.


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