​It’s raining here this evening. A cool, breezy night rain blowing back all memories from my past days. Days that it hurts to look back on. But now, as I lay on the bed with my eyes soaked in pain, I accept it with the calm that comes with the rain.

Five years ago, I loved. I loved a man so intensely, I breathed when he breathed and stopped If he stopped. When our bare skin touched I’d jump around the ceilings of my mind screaming his name. His voiced words were so melodious to my ears, his typed words clung to my thoughts like a bee clings to its honey. His eyes brought some kind of peace I had never felt, and it felt good. My days of undescribed sorrow had ended, my King was with me. He wouldn’t let any harm near me. When it rained, thoughts of him lingered in my head, craving things I shouldn’t have at twelve.

Years passed and maturity set in, rationality took over and hormones kicked in. My knight in shiny armour began shapeshifting into some hideous mythical monster that craved the loving sorrow of an innocent little girl.


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