Main Offence: Being an endangered gender

Below are the videos of females being dehumanized by a gender most often characterized as powerful. 

The first woman was accused of stealing some clothes and a basket of pepper and consequently deserved having a bottle stuck up her vagina while she was being flogged. Quite fair. I shall not go further on to describe the contents in that video as they break my heart greatly.

The second video is the viral video of Uzoamaka Chukwu of Ebonyi State who was stripped and flogged repeatedly by men who accused her of prostituting herself to married men. According to reports, the true source of the bitterness perceived from the video is because Uzoamaka turned down their offer of sex. She was entirely humiliated and in despair while other male human beings recorded it with their phones with one even being seated and relaxed, watching another human being was being tortured. While another human being cried in great pain. While another human being was stripped of her dignity and hurt by anguish and despair. Sounds fair.

Watch the videos below and comment your opinion.

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