The lady with the crown

The lady with the crown came waltzing in.

She had a spear in hand,

And a broken chain on her ankle.

With fire within,

She came swinging with eyes so fierce.

She destroyed all was in her way,

And made her legs float towards me.
In fear of her I gripped my chest,

And bid myself eternal rest.

She lifted her head and looked at me,

And smiled a smile in her majesty.
The Lady with the crown had stolen my heart, 

Even when it had a broken state.

And though we are from worlds apart,

In my slumbers shall we seal our fate.
Tomorrow night, I shall fall asleep,

And hope I have that fearful dream.

To see my queen with eyes so dim,

My love for her shall the night redeem.

                                       -Amaka Chukwudifu

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