His eyes had danced through the room
But they stopped and stuck on me
His teeth shun through his grin
And his heart reflected in his eyes

Fast forward to the fights and tear drops.
Fast forward through the smiles and awkward laughter
This was my soul mate and no one could tell me otherwise
I had been resting on his chest, listening to his heartbeat;
Such familiar rhythm that always seems to console me when I’m downcast
“Sounds like home” I’d say.
He always said though different rhythms, his heart and mine beat alike.
I was certain he was my soul mate.

He got hit by a car.
My screams couldn’t hold the blood back from gushing
Neither could my tears resuscitate him from the world of the flat-lined.

2 years later, I got a letter.
The recipient of his heart wanted to meet.
I had convinced myself against it,
It took me long enough to get over him,
I can’t go back now.
As I walked through the lobby of the mall,
My hands shivered
And my palms became sweaty
“Kainene, just go back. You’ll explain why you couldn’t come. You can’t do this.” My fearsome self whispered to me
Before I could react to Ms Fearsome, I heard this tiny voice speaking towards me.
I turned back and my eyes beheld this teenage girl with big brown eyes full of wonder, “Are you Kainene Onyeoma?”
My eyes fixed on how young she appeared and realizing the fact she could be the recipient.
I had heard a voice similar to mine utter the word yes

Yes. She had been the recipient.
We had talked about how life had been without going into the nitty gritties. Intelligent mind she is.
During the meet, my mind had been running through various ways to ask a particular question
So as she slid her phone back into her purse after taking selfies with me
Can I…
Sure. She said with a wide-eyed smile.
She opened her arms and stretched them towards me,
So as I laid my head down against her bosoms
The rhythm was all too familiar
“Yup. Sounds like home.”

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