Its funny how the people you expect to be in your life forever are the ones there for a season while the people you believe are there for a season are there for a reason, a reason of forever.

I don’t even remember how we got talking.

I remember not texting

I remember not caring

Now it’s been roughly 4 years

And I can not think of my life without you

My real mvp

My mainest

My G

4 years of waiting

Merged into

4 hours of conversation

And somehow it felt perfect

Like this is what love should be about

And at that point,

It all made sense

Love is not lust.

Love is not just the butterfly in your tummy when you kiss

Love is the laughter of two people in the car completely in sync

Love is the time that runs by when their words are reflecting the thoughts of their hearts

Love is that intense gaze followed by a smile that is just as perfect as the moment

This feeling of love of which I describe is one I felt

And my heart was filled with praises for God

“Such an amazing feeling you’re made of!”

His jokes

His smile

His laughter

Were all in sync with mine.

What a perfect day

That was

A perfect day.

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