It was past midnight and they were cruising through ikoyi bridge when the radio began to play a familiar tune. Ifeoma had melted in her seat as her eyes began to water. In a state of awe she uttered, carefully picking her words, “she always sang this to me. Every night in my sleep, I hear her voice singing this in my ear. Her sweet angelic voice that wraps me in its arms and like a comfy duvet, it keeps me warm. I barely knew her but I love her. He doesn’t talk much of her but I know he loved her. I see it in the pain in his eyes when he catches a glimpse of her picture hung on the living room wall, cornered by their wedding picture and my baby picture.” Dele parks by the corner and fixes his gaze on her. She continues, ”I was four when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Nnam’s heart got sunk in a hole, a whole that still hasn’t been filled and his heart still not lifted. ‘we’ll fight this. Nne, we’ll fight this’ is what he echoes in his dreams the night before he goes silent for days.
I know he loves me. I have her eyes and he said I have her humour too- I wouldn’t know.
She had requested for me and sang to me till her dying breath. Nnam said her last words were the lyrics, ‘…will always…’ before the ventilators went flat.
So mystery woman I call my mother,” she looks up into the heavens, “tonight, I sing with you…” and she carries on in a lovely harmony singing along to Whitney Houston’s I will always love you.
He turns up the volume of the radio, let’s down the roof of the car and listens to his beautiful girlfriend sing to her mother into the air of the night, letting the wind blow her hair, and howl to the rhythm of her voice.


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