Tired of the hidden pain

“Tired of the hidden pain” That was what she wrote in the note, Her last note, without saying good bye. She had been to church the previous night, She smiled and danced, And we all believed those actions. We never could have guessed she was in pain, She was active in three societies in the … Continue reading Tired of the hidden pain


It was past midnight and they were cruising through ikoyi bridge when the radio began to play a familiar tune. Ifeoma had melted in her seat as her eyes began to water. In a state of awe she uttered, carefully picking her words, “she always sang this to me. Every night in my sleep, I … Continue reading


“What do you like most about you?” he asked But for some reason, I didn’t have an answer to that. Not that I didn’t have anything I liked about myself But that, how I was raised, by family and society, It is seen as pride to like something about you and openly declare it Self-appraisal … Continue reading ME