in love…again

I fell in love… again
 On a Tuesday
The way he strutted across the room with such effortless refinement
The way his lithe body
 danced through his black tuxedo.
The way his bow tie
 formed an equilateral triangle if a line were to be drawn
across its two ends.
The way he smiled
with the corner of his mouth
And my heart subconsciously
melted in its place.
She; my heart,  had seemed to forget
Her present history of
how Tunde took advantage of her trust
 and lay with the maid
I didn’t think about how
I had cried every night for three months.
I didn’t think of how Ayomide and Ayoola
 would cry for their dad
every night,
 simply because they wanted him
 to kiss them good night
i didn’t think of how it broke my heart
 every time to tell them he wasn’t coming home
 this night, like every other night.
I didn’t think of the disgust I felt
 when relatives suggested that I go
and beg the man who breached ‘MY’ trust.
But now,
All I felt for this stranger,
 at this point, was peace,
and that kind of love that lasts
 for a moment or two.
So as he strode towards me,
 I smiled,
uttered the words, “Thank you”
& left the ball a different woman.
 Because at that point,
 I had realised,
 Love never runs out.
 No matter how hard it’s  ‘squeezed’
 out of the heart,
 there is always more flowing out
Tunde isn’t my end.
He was merely the close of a chapter.
A chapter of a best freaken selling novel B-)

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