The familiarity embedded within her smile warmed my soul.

Underneath the blistering Sun, it was like chilled water spilled upon me.

I had heard her voice, before finding the gaze of her graceful smile

It had brought, at that time, so much peace and hope

That my rugged, disillusioned face broke into a smile

A smile that was felt in my heart

Her curvy composition had secured my gaze locked on the wide hips and slender waist

That beautified the wrap-up dress on it

How lovely

Up until now, I had never thought to see the Sun as positive

Till its rays declared the elegance of her hazel eyes  and pointed nose

Of her full lips and well defined chin.

Looking closer there was a trace of thick lines dug unto the skin of her temples

She drew closer to me,

Walking with so much poise and class

She released the squint of her eyes

Injecting the embarrassment that flooded her expression,

“Oh my God”, she said. ” I’m so sorry. You look like someone I know”

And walked away letting out a little giggle,

Dragging the bright light she had flashed upon my life with her.


As I approached the corner of the road,

I hopped on my bike and proceeded to

Curving my mouth into a pout

To produce the sound that is to attract customers

That provide my daily meals for survival

And as I try to flush away the brief moment of clarity and certainty,

It dawns on me,

Never will a girl with such class and poise

Smile at me

With actual familiarity

Instead of a mistaken identity.


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