Long Lost Daughter

I laid my heart in him
And he cradled it like a newborn.
He took my timidity
& moulded it into confidence
He took my insecurities,
& moulded them into  love.
He took his last breath & I saw my heart crawling back to my chest in tears.

A tall dark skinned girl with naturally curly hair came up next and as she slid the book towards me for an autograph, I saw on her left ring finger, the mark. The birthmark he tried describing to me severally “Long, slender, black curve” he’d say. “I wish I hadn’t left her there, Amaka. I just wish I hadn’t!” She was the only thing he’d talk about and I’d actually see a sparkle in his eyes with a reflection of guilt lurking in the corner.

I froze, then tears came down like the rain pours after the drought. “Is anything wrong?” She asked me and I said no. But in my heart, I knew I had found his long lost daughter.


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