What’s the difference between wishful thinking and faith? Wishful thinking says,”Maybe we’ll win a sweepstakes so I can go to college.”
Faith says,”If I don’t get a scholarship I’ll work to put myself through.”
Faith looks at things honestly and squarely, and believes.

The wishful thinker is kidding himself or herself. The person with faith sees the difficulties but also clearly sees God.

That is an excerpt from an explanatory passage of a Bible.
We, humans make the mistake of fusing the two. “To think wishfully is to have faith” we say to ourselves. When we convince ourselves we are going to achieve something and we fail, we are the arch enemies of God. God doesn’t love us then. Maybe our many many sins have finally gotten to Him. Maybe He prefers to favour Chioma than Funke. Or He prefers the wealthy to the poor. We think all these things of our God just because He hasn’t granted us this one wish.
   Some people call wishful thinking having faith. Sometimes even pride can be coated with the garment of faith. It’s quite pathetic.
   We don’t want to see failure. We never want to experience hardship or turmoil. It is not our portion. My God is not a God of failure but of success! And so therefore, we must succeed in everything we do..even sin.
   We read the Bible and go to church but we don’t seem to understand the Word of God; we don’t seem to understand with GREAT trials and tribulations is our faith tested and then should we be even more steadfast in prayer. Like it is said, “God doesn’t take away our cross but rather gives us the strength to carry it,” because in the long run, the strength and immunity acquired from ‘carrying our cross’ will yield great triumph.
    Faith is something quite easy and hard to obtain at the same time.

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