Long Lost Daughter

I laid my heart in him And he cradled it like a newborn. He took my timidity & moulded it into confidence He took my insecurities, & moulded them into  love. He took his last breath & I saw my heart crawling back to my chest in tears.                           ~♡~ A tall dark skinned … Continue reading Long Lost Daughter


The Wife Of My Rapist

    She jogs every morning by 5:37. It's always a routine jog through the water park towards the fleet of stores, beside the creek and then back to the house.   At 7:40 the twins come out to catch the bus but have to wait 3-5 minutes for it to pull up. She waits … Continue reading The Wife Of My Rapist


What's the difference between wishful thinking and faith? Wishful thinking says,"Maybe we'll win a sweepstakes so I can go to college." Faith says,"If I don't get a scholarship I'll work to put myself through." Faith looks at things honestly and squarely, and believes. The wishful thinker is kidding himself or herself. The person with faith … Continue reading FAITH