Fatal Lust

The curtain holding back the sun’s light & the sheets concealing their secret. The love made the previous night still roams the room, looking for a place to lay rest; their eyes couldn’t meet. They had sworn against partaking in fornication, that they were going to save it for marriage, where their union is approved by God. But yet, they find themselves filled with hate and remorse on the same bed with nothing but their skin covering their insides.
A deep sigh follows his movement out of the bed, getting his slacks back on him, then his shirt, accompanied with his tuxedo jacket and bow tie which he hangs across his neck right before he glances at Sara and walks out the hotel room door.
Tears fall down her left cheek. Tears of disgust, disgrace, disregard and remorse. Her moans echo in her head, those sinful moans of lust.
Streams of tears slid down her face. It couldn’t stop. Like the heavy clouds produce heavy rain, her guilty heart produced so much pain.
Consumed by the cruelty her heart showed upon her, she walked to the balcony, lifted the back of her feet from the floor and swung her legs over the railings one after the other. Her grip on the railings being the only thing preventing gravity from following its course, she slipped finger after finger until her body no longer clung to the railings and her sorrow had gone beyond tears but blood on the hotel entrance pavement.

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