I knew him from primary school- Eniola Oduntan. Even as a primary oner he had this uptightness to him. Had his socks all the way up to the beginning of his short-knickers, never wanted to stay where trouble dwelled, never wanted to get stained by his mates in the play ground, never wanted to show anyone his heart..even at 6 yrs old.
Up until primary five when he left, he only got more reserved. Though he had his friends, female is a ‘species ‘ he never wanted to get acquainted with. There was this particular girl, Dolapo Kings. From primary four down to when my memory fades, they were always at loggerheads, bickering about what not.
        He and I were never really friends, shall I say? Couple of years back I tried to reunite via social media, it was unfortunately such a waste of time. It felt more like he was ashamed of his past, the fact that I was part of it, though I make no significant difference in his regret. He was living his dream life a mare assumption. He was a twitter celebrity, fuckboy if you’d permit my language. Didn’t seem to need anyone. Had everything he’d ever need within his proud self.
Years have passed, I stumble across his instagram page, “what a fine young man he turned out to be” I think to myself. His pride seems to have melted out as maturity set in. He’s a photographer now. Well from his instagram account that’s all I know. He has great zeal for it & seems to be having a blast.
This story is us.
In every way.
We keep changing and changing.
And shedding and shedding.
Till we unveil the real us.
Till we’re happy with who we are.
Till we find our happiness in our being.
Till we find love in our living.

There’s no relevant moral to this story. Time passes, people shed and shed till they are comfortable in their own skin.
Will he remain a modest photographer forever? No one knows. But time will tell.

We walk around with this mask in the front of our heads. We call it ‘face’. We look into the mirror to see how our face appears. We stare deep into people’s eyes to see a reflection of our ‘face’. Beauty is defined by our face. Measured by our flawless skin and toned body. We refuse to see beauty springs out from the inside. Our real ‘faces’ are our souls. Unfortunately, we can’t see it reflect in the mirror or in the pupils of others. We see it in people’s ‘thank you’ & people’s ‘I love you’ because our souls emanate from the love we give and the love we get. It’s all one.
We are all faceless till we reflect our souls in our actions, in our words and thoughts. We need to reflect the purity our souls contain because our souls are indeed the only thing we possess that can not be contaminated by contemporary affairs.



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