Intra-Christianity war.

It’s quite hilarious how people choose to react, especially pertaining to Christianity.

We’re all Christians, aren’t we? So what’s the problem? You have your religious denomination of Christianity & others have theirs, but you chose to criticize and bastardise another’s. Why?
1Jn 4:20 says, ” Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.” & you believe you’re still practicing Christianity after slandering another religion to your congregation? Shouldn’t you be preaching the word of God? Why speak so much hateful words against a sister Church in Christ? You believe it is love you’re spreading? I can confidently tell you NO,it is not. If you are not comfortable with another’s religion, you either try to express your thoughts to the person & also listen to what defense the person has or you ponder it in your heart like Mary did Lk 2:19.

You can’t sit around in your house saying all sorts about the Catholic Church. You’re not comfortable with what we do? You tell us, we will be more than willing to explain. (You could also Google us ;)). But really, its not actually an inconvenience but a misunderstanding


I am not comfortable with lots of religious denominations of Christianity but I don’t go around slandering them. I either see a member I could talk to and try to understand the concept of the church or I ponder it in my heart like Mary did at all times :$ (ps, I love her very much). We can never really tell if a church is of God or not (with the gift of knowledge, we can absolutely but we have to take into consideration the beliefs of the congregation as well but be careful so you do not slander the one that is fully & completely of God.

My name is Amaka Chukwudifu and I am a super proud catholic!


-Chukwudifu MaryEn♡

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