Lost n Found

As I began my journey to You I was eager and excited I longed to be perfect to You I took careful steps along the way And in taking those steps I found a sparkly treasure buried in the uneven road I picked it up And smiled as I continued my journey Not long after, … Continue reading Lost n Found


See Me

My cry for help isn’t cuts on wrists Nor bruises on my neck My cry for help isn’t baggy eyes, And rolled down sleeves My cry for help is the long, deep laugh I let out even when the joke’s not that funny My cry for help is the extra second I hold your hand … Continue reading See Me

July 19th.

There was a sensational feeling in the air, and everywhere was cool and calm; no tensions flying anywhere. Unfortunately that was cut short by the rather unpleasant sound of my alarm. Reluctantly about to view the time on my phone sitting on the windowsill beside my bed I realize I HAVEN’T COMPLETED MY ASSIGNMENT DUE … Continue reading July 19th.